Your brand is your most valuable asset

Ensuring a brand name & logo are prominently displayed on agreements and notices is a simple way for brokerages to improve visibility, safeguard branding and strengthen loyalty in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“Private label allows our partners to offer something distinct to their clients” – says Kumar Bhaskar, SVP of SNAP Premium Finance. “Adding logos, colour schemes and other components of branding to documentation is just one of the great ways we help companies build awareness and boost loyalty in the long-term”.

Providing solutions to help you get ahead

Protecting your brand is just one of the ways SNAP helps partners grow business and preserve their position in the marketplace.

“Your greatest weapon right now is providing reassurance to clients” – Sumeet Sharma, SVP of SNAP Premium Finance, adds. “A great way to do this is by utilizing eSign (something SNAP are seeing a rise in demand for of late) which eliminates the need for wet ink signatures and lets clients sign from anywhere, on any device, anytime.”

Flexible payment plans help clients breathe easy and increase cash flow

SNAP’s private label and eSign solutions matched with flexible payment options creates a win-win solution for brokerages to get ahead.

“We know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for everyone.” Kumar concludes. “Which is why in addition to offering easy monthly payments, we also provide full pay options (which gives clients the means to pay for their premium in one single payment, at no additional cost to the brokerage) to facilitate added flexibility for clients and encourage repeat business again and again.

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